Deployment and Management

Hybrid application and data placement

Deploy and Manage

To effectively deploy and manage the next-generation of IT services, enterprise strategies must be application and data led, cloud and infrastructure enabled, secure and optimized for the operational run. For these reasons, a hybrid application and data placement will be the natural choice for most large enterprises

Modernization and data strategies

First, make sure there are well-defined application modernization and data strategies and road maps to help drive the cloud strategy. This should include making a bet on the organization’s preferred public or hybrid PaaS strategy for developing applications.

Workload placement

Start developing a hybrid cloud strategy and road map aligned to the application and data strategy, with workload placement simultaneously optimized for performance and cost. The strategy should also integrate the infrastructure road map to ensure critical enabling capabilities are in place at the time needed


At the same time, start transforming operations to provide tighter integration between applications, data, cloud, infrastructure and security, as well as building on a cloud operating model powered by applied intelligence or AIOps (analytics, automation and AI)